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Thursday, June 28, 2012

If you've been to my house and I've proudly shown you the living room; explained that I hate my table, then made you admire my dining room art; sneaked you into Hannah's room to look at her walls; but refused to let you see my bedroom... It's probably pretty obvious that I haven't done anything to my room.

I had grand plans (a few parts of which I've shown before) but since it's obviously not happening before I move out in a few months, I thought I'd try a little mood-boarding.  (Is that a word?  It is now.)

(This is my first time, so forgive the awkwardness of the layout, but I couldn't recommend Olioboard more.)


1. For the bed, (as you've seen before) I'm obsessed with Manhattan Nest's upholstered DIY.  He used navy wool blankets from the Army Surplus store for a killer, cheap version of a $1400 Room and Board bed.  $95 plus the cost of an Ikea bed!  What?  I know, I know.

2. I've been collecting vintage (and vintage inspired) floral fabrics for a bunch of pillows for a while now.  (Side note: I don't know what I'm going to do with all of my fabric when I move.  It's sad how attached I am to it, though I obviously haven't used any - or very much, at least.  I think it's the promise of future projects that they hold.)

I think I'd do lightly textured white bedding, or a crisp mint (like the shirt in the print on #5.)
3. I bought some Ikea legs and wood to make a longer version of this Workstead desk, but it never got made. So, I think I might make it for my sister.   (I actually just got that idea, so... happy birthday, Risa!  I'm gonna build you a desk!)
4.  I used memo-sized clipboards in my old living room to hold 30 different 5X7 photos (btw, great way to fill up a wall with pictures.)  I got them online for $1.50 apiece, so it was a cheap way to fill up a whole wall.  I like the idea of using them instead of a cork board for those little pieces of paper or magazine pictures that invariably pile up on your desk.
5. I've had this print (Oh Carmen) saved on my computer for a year or two.  I love the colors.  It's the perfect mix of that bright pink, orange and red.  I love the navy, the mint, the light pink... I could go on and on about it.  (Obviously.)  The rest of her etsy shop is just as impressive.  Peggy Wolf Design
6.  Bright coral curtains will add a great punch of color.
7. Eline Pelinkhof's cross-stitch wall mural is a blend of everything I love.  (And I'm sure you've seen it on this blog before.)  Old lady style, embroidery, and a giant impact.
8. I actually bought big black frames from Ikea to make my own version of these prints from Felt & Wire Shop Of course, then I left them in my car and they warped in the insane Texas heat (they were plastic) and that plan was ruined.  My versions were going to say, "'till the break of dawn," "everyday I'm hustlin'" (I couldn't not do that one), "forever, forever ever?" and my favorite, "you was doin fifty-five in a fifty four." 


I like it.  With bright white walls, it's got the perfect mix of old lady flowers, DIY, bright colors and quirk.  Of course, the genius, obviously neccesity - doable for a super small budget.  (Except for the desk - that'd have to be DIYed.  It costs some scrilla, yo.)

I would like to say I've never used the phrase "scrilla" before in my life.  It means money, fyi.


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