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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Hey, it's Christmas soon(ish) and somebody might get these for me!

If you knew of my love for the oft-mourned Domino,
you'll understand how excited I am for this book from it's old editor.

I want to do the project from the cover so badly!
How many old beat up leather chairs have you seen
that would be perfect with a patch over the rip in the seat?
(Answer: SO MANY! And for so cheap!)

One of the best decor websites around;
the book is supposed to be fantastic!

Kelly Wearstler is a little craycray with the serious amount of glamour for my tastes,
but the girl can make some pretty things...

We can't talk about the editor of Domino writing a book,
without talking about the Domino book itself.
How can I hoard the few copies of Domino that I actually own and not have the book?

The. Best. Ever.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Bread pudding with dried Bing cherries and pecans, Mexican Vanilla ice cream from Amy's, and some Maker's on the rocks.

Best post-shift/pre-studying meal ever.

What do I do instead of study for finals week?

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Obviously, go to karaoke with Clint and Lauren.

I swear, I'm being productive on my house.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

I've done quite a lot lately with the house, well, the living room mostly. I've just been bad about taking pictures. I took a bunch of pictures of my bookshelves, but they're on Hannah's camera, so I'll post about those when I'm all done.

I did get the supplies for a bunch of projects this week, so as they get finished, I promise I'll share them.

On Wednesday, the littlest seester and I went thrifting and got some serious booty. I got a lamp, which she hated, but whatever and a side table. The table was the perfect size for my low couch (and only $8 at Savers!) and the lamp is awesome. Lemme just show you.

I like the warm wood tones and the metal legs will tie into the coffee table (if it ever gets made.). I'm trying to take in my succulents now that it's getting cold, but I love the way they look in my house so much that I'm worried I won't give them back to the porch when it's warm again. But let's take another look at that lamp, shall we?

It's a cat! (Well, some sort of feline, a panther or a leopard or something.) It gets better: hiding behind that succulent on the left is...

A baby cat! (or panther or whatever)

I'm trying to decide whether to paint it or not. I could always use more glossy white in the room, now that I have such a colorful rug, but I like the way the soft green looks with the couch. We'll see.

Yes, you read that right. I got a rug! The concrete floors are gorgeous, but come winter, they would be freezing! This might be one of the all time great Goodwill finds for me... $25!

As soon as I get the couch's legs attached (which will be never because I've been to Lowe's three times for different tools and I can't get them to stay on!) I'll put the rig in place. Even now, though, it makes me happy when I walk I the house.

It's all coming together, folks.

Next on the agenda, a ceiling light for the living room, giant wall art for the kitchen with Beatles lyrics, and a dozen or so of these...

Try to figure that one out!

Two weeks and one day. I have a deadline.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

So the seester and I have decided to host Thanksgiving dinner at our house this year.  We're a little worried about the ratio size of our kitchen to the amount/awesomeness of the food we'd like to make, but we'll be fine.  All we have to do is worry about living up to the amazeballs-ness of Thanksgiving 2010 and its amazeball food.  (Hannah HATES it when I use the word amazeballs. Like... hates it with the passion of a thousand suns.  I put hate in red so you'd feel the fire of her emotion.)

Anyways, we gave ourselves (myself) Thanksgiving as a deadline to get the living room/dining room/kitchen (if I can get to it) together.  I put my bookshelves up (a whole post to come, as soon as I get all the books arranged!) and Hannah finished painting the living room for my birthday (seriously, that's what I asked for as a birthday present.) So, the boxes of books are out of the living room and the stacks of art and boxes of decorating "stuffs" should be gone soon.

I figured I'd list out the things I need to do, and it would (maybe/kinda/sorta) keep me accountable to getting this stuff done.  I'm also including things I've already done because I find it very depressing to have a to do list with absolutely nothing crossed off of it.  (You get it Dad, right?)  It's my blog, I can be as ridiculous as I want!

- Couch
  * Buy
  * Stain legs
  * Drill holes for legs/attach
  * Get/sew some pillows (couch is cute, but a bit uncomfortable without any pillows) - i.e. decide color scheme for whole room.  No biggie!

Horrible craigslist ad photo.  Awesome couch.

Things that I think are awesome (the I don't want to study for my History of Rock exam edition)

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

These fairytale posters.  Gorgeous.

There are a bunch of them (by Square Inch Designs) and I would love them to have them all framed together on a nursery wall.  The color palette in the Princess and the Pea one is gorgeous.


These necklaces are so Carrie, but even chicer.  Calligraphy necklaces by Brevity.


If you were a little boy, wouldn't you love this as a desk?

Toys as drawer pulls?  I die. 


Not that I'm anywhere near close to getting married, but I love these as engagement rings (sometimes the budget just isn't there for the big'un right away.) 

Best part.  All of the rings in her Etsy shop are under $300.  Three.  Hundred. Dollars.  I know... I know...


This was probably for an assignment or something in a color theory class, but I'd like this on a giant scale.  Evane?  Christmas present?


You're welcome.

I know everything that I think is awesome is truly awesome... So, you're welcome for showing you some truly awesome things.


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