Things that I think are awesome (the I don't want to study for my History of Rock exam edition)

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

These fairytale posters.  Gorgeous.

There are a bunch of them (by Square Inch Designs) and I would love them to have them all framed together on a nursery wall.  The color palette in the Princess and the Pea one is gorgeous.


These necklaces are so Carrie, but even chicer.  Calligraphy necklaces by Brevity.


If you were a little boy, wouldn't you love this as a desk?

Toys as drawer pulls?  I die. 


Not that I'm anywhere near close to getting married, but I love these as engagement rings (sometimes the budget just isn't there for the big'un right away.) 

Best part.  All of the rings in her Etsy shop are under $300.  Three.  Hundred. Dollars.  I know... I know...


This was probably for an assignment or something in a color theory class, but I'd like this on a giant scale.  Evane?  Christmas present?


You're welcome.

I know everything that I think is awesome is truly awesome... So, you're welcome for showing you some truly awesome things.


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