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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

So the seester and I have decided to host Thanksgiving dinner at our house this year.  We're a little worried about the ratio size of our kitchen to the amount/awesomeness of the food we'd like to make, but we'll be fine.  All we have to do is worry about living up to the amazeballs-ness of Thanksgiving 2010 and its amazeball food.  (Hannah HATES it when I use the word amazeballs. Like... hates it with the passion of a thousand suns.  I put hate in red so you'd feel the fire of her emotion.)

Anyways, we gave ourselves (myself) Thanksgiving as a deadline to get the living room/dining room/kitchen (if I can get to it) together.  I put my bookshelves up (a whole post to come, as soon as I get all the books arranged!) and Hannah finished painting the living room for my birthday (seriously, that's what I asked for as a birthday present.) So, the boxes of books are out of the living room and the stacks of art and boxes of decorating "stuffs" should be gone soon.

I figured I'd list out the things I need to do, and it would (maybe/kinda/sorta) keep me accountable to getting this stuff done.  I'm also including things I've already done because I find it very depressing to have a to do list with absolutely nothing crossed off of it.  (You get it Dad, right?)  It's my blog, I can be as ridiculous as I want!

- Couch
  * Buy
  * Stain legs
  * Drill holes for legs/attach
  * Get/sew some pillows (couch is cute, but a bit uncomfortable without any pillows) - i.e. decide color scheme for whole room.  No biggie!

Horrible craigslist ad photo.  Awesome couch.

- TV stand/bookshelf
  * Have
  * Arrange/decorate shelves
  * Get TV (Hannah's job)
  * Arrange/decorate surface (after TV is bought)

 That bookshelf, sans pretty things.
Those pretty things still exist, they are simply in boxes...

- Bookshelves
  * Conceive of/buy materials for/build in a generally bad ass way
  * Stain
  * Unpack books and load them on shelves
  *Arrange books/stuffs

 A lot like these.  (Pictures to come, I promise!)

- Coffee table
  *  Either buy already made/built coffee table and tailor to needs OR
  * Get pallet
  * Stain
  * Buy/cut plexiglass/glass to fit
  * Attach casters/metal and industrial doo-dads (that's the technical term)

I'm actually just going to recreate this whole room.

- End tables
  * Dude.  I've got no idea.
  * Maybe a stump table for one of them?  I saw a house in Hyde Park today that had a whole tree cut down and lying in pieces in the front yard.  I might just knock on the door and be like, "Can I have one of those pieces?"  I'm also thinking of hitting up the firewood people.  I'll buy their wood and save them the trouble of cutting it up!

- Lighting
  * Dude.  I really need some.  Our living room is daaaaark.
  * Floor lamps are uuuuuuuugly!  (Imagine that in the whiniest voice you can think of.)

I love this DIY orb light from the assistant on my favorite HGTV show, "Secrets from a Stylist."
I swear I've blogged about this before.

This might be cheaper/easier/lighter/easier to make
They're made out of bamboo from a cheapo roman shade!  I know

- Curtains
  * Put back up those mini blinds I accidentally tore down the first day we moved in.
  * Or don't.  We've got a fence around our porch and you can't see in (especially if you had curtains up!)  Hannah will kill me if I don't get something up though.
  * I've sewn a million curtains and I know I can do a set for this window.  I'm just trying to figure out if/when I'm gonna get a rug.  They're so expensive that I kind of want to find one first so the curtains can match/go.  I might, however, just go ahead and let the curtains be the star and just find some neutral rug (easier/cheaper/more boring.)

- Rug
  * See last bullet point above

- Art
  * Acquire a ridiculous amount of art and mirrors and random things to go on the wall.
  * Actually hang them.

That's a lot of things.

Now, not all of that really needs to be done before Thanksgiving... Realistically, we could survive with putting the legs and some pillows on the couch, getting a coffee/end table, and a TV.  But!  I'd like to have it done.  I've lived in this place for too long to still have boxes on my living room floor.

I'll talk about dining room, kitchen, and hallway tomorrow.  This post is already too long.


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