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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Hey, it's Christmas soon(ish) and somebody might get these for me!

If you knew of my love for the oft-mourned Domino,
you'll understand how excited I am for this book from it's old editor.

I want to do the project from the cover so badly!
How many old beat up leather chairs have you seen
that would be perfect with a patch over the rip in the seat?
(Answer: SO MANY! And for so cheap!)

One of the best decor websites around;
the book is supposed to be fantastic!

Kelly Wearstler is a little craycray with the serious amount of glamour for my tastes,
but the girl can make some pretty things...

We can't talk about the editor of Domino writing a book,
without talking about the Domino book itself.
How can I hoard the few copies of Domino that I actually own and not have the book?


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