the sewing machine is finally unpacked.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Well, it wasn't still packed away in a box, but it might as well have been.  I have not had any time since school started to do anything but work/school/sleep/study (rinse and repeat).

So, when a few girls from work kept asking me to make them a skirt like mine (I have about 7 versions of the same skirt that I wear to work practically every day - high elastic waist, pockets, and a bright pattern.), I decided to finally do it.  Jen and Adrienne came over and we went to Jo-Ann's (my favorite fabric store) and went crazy buying fabric.  (I spent so much money!  Though, I'll have a whole new wardrobe of skirts as soon as I make them.)

We came home, made some sangria and got to work.  I soon turned into a sweat shop owner, barking out orders: "Ok, now cut out the pockets like I showed you.  Now, iron the hem.  Did you cut the elastic yet?"  A few skirts in, we got hungry and had to take a snack break.

 This focaccia with basil, tomato, and fresh mozzarella was fantastic.

My attempt at recreating the toppings on the front of the Nut-Thins box didn't go so well.  (Side note: Nut-Thins are delicious.  The 4 boxes in my pantry attest to that.  They tie with Simply Orange High Pulp as most beloved grocery item in mine and Hannah's household.)  I soon gave up on being creative with the almonds, honey and fruit and just stuck with plain ole' brie.  

Reason #456,503,918 I love Hannah: I made her a cracker and then said, "Do you recognize this?" and she was thisclose to saying "The Nut-Thins box!"

Anyways, yummy food was eaten and sangria was drank and we got back to work.

Correction: I got back to work.

All in all, it was a pretty successful night.  We (I) made 5 skirts (I'm counting the pink striped one above that was incorrectly measured for.  Jen. :)  Even if it's too small to actually fit over your hips, it was made and so it counts.) and an apron.  I didn't get one done for myself, but I've got some gorgeous fabric ready to go, just taunting me.  I'll try to take pictures once I make one and post a proper tutorial; it really is the easiest ever.  No pattern!

Focus on the cute skirt, my beloved couch or my $20 thrift store rug of awesomeness...  
Not the pallet/plexi-glass coffee table that I still haven't attached the casters to yet.


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