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Thursday, December 6, 2012

When I found those spice rack photos, they were in a random folder on my computer with a bunch of old projects I'd done.  Since you're nice, I'll share them with you.  Here you are: Things I Did When I Wasn't In School and Had So Much Time To Make Cool Things.
When Evane and I started drawing on Ikea's basic white plates with a Porcelain pen, we had these grandiose ideas about selling our gorgeous dinnerware for an insane profit.  We were already spending the money, we were so far into this business plan.... (Side note: those Ikea plates are simple, clean-lined, perfect for combining with vintage plates, and crazy cheap.  6 settings for $20.  Yep.)
After finishing just one set, we realized it took so long to draw all of those freaking little circles that we'd practically have to charge $1000 to end up with at least minimum wage.  So, to recap: I have a 7 person set of plain white Ikea plates/bowls/saucers (which I use all of the time) and 1 handmade place setting.  I do use the 3 pieces, however, whenever I can.
Those salted caramel brownies look much more delicious when plated so adorably.
My dad had an old bible he like, but it had the ugliest cover!  I went old school (use those middle school textbook recovering skills!) and did a little holy DIY-ing.
I used a suit jacket I got for a few bucks at a thrift store (ignore the fabric pattern in this photo, it'll be clearer below) and cut it apart into the biggest pieces I could.  (That's the bible in the top of the photo.)

With a sheet of Heat'n Bond, I attached the fabric to the book, folding carefully over the spine and then gluing down over the edges of the cover.  I used some binding that was the same color as the inside covers to hide the edge of the suit fabric - it's not perfect, but it works.  (and it's so much better than it was!)
Using a bit more Heat'n Bond, I attached the old labels to the spine and a corner.  The big label started out as a cover up; the suit fabric bunched up a bit and you could see the original cover.  When I saw how awesome it looked, I ripped out another label for the back cover.
(Sexy ironing board cover!)

Last day of school!  Maybe I'll have time for exciting projects after this is all over.


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