I wanna throw a dinner party...

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

I just need to find someone to cook... Any takers?
Apartment Therapy recently featured The Cream Event by design company Glitter + Rye and I'm super in love.  Now, I know, this is a lot.  A lot of patterns and colors and textures and finishes...  But, the black and white color scheme helps to keep all the patterns cohesive.  The wood and white boxes all serve as a neutral background for the colorful flowers and dinnerware.  I'm totally digging this. Fur-hur-shure.  (Won't my spell check just learn that word already?)

So, how could you do this yourself?  Well, besides the $25 Anthro plates (which for more than a few guests starts to add up) the rest of it is pretty doable with a few yards of cheap fabric, a piece of wood or two from the hardware store and some vintage/thrift store finds.
This polka dotbuffalo checkchevron fabrics are pretty much exact matches and I found them in five seconds on the internet.  I'm almost positive your local fabric store will have a version of every single one.  Next, go to the hardware store, buy one 4X4 and get them to cut it into blocks of various lengths.  A sheet of plywood (that they also) cut to 14 by 20 inches is all you need for the rest.  I'd buy a sanding block and make sure the edges are smooth and non-splintery.
Like I said, these Anthro plates will get pricey (compared to rest of it) but they're not the only floral plates in town.  They're beautiful though, aren't they?
Gold confetti?  Party City.  Cut glass tumblers?  Thrift store. Gold-rimmed wine glasses... Well, they aren't going to be as easy to find as the tumblers or the candlesticks below, but you should be able to get a set on etsy or eBay (61 and 204 listings, respectively...)  The gold flatware will also be a little harder to find for super cheap, but they are pretty common at antique stores and the table would also look just as pretty with an old ornate set in silver.
Brass candlesticks?  $1.99 at every thrift store in the history of the world.  Gold tassels, white tapers, and pillar candles?  Dollar store.  Bam!  These ceramic square vases are only $3 a piece and I know I've seen them everywhere.  Flowers this simple can totally be arranged yourself.  Keep a little inspiration close by, like this photo by Jemma Keech via The Sweetest Occasion. (I have this saved in my "someday wedding bouquet" folder)

So... who's cooking for me?


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