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Thursday, January 10, 2013

So, the other day, during a I'm-feeling-crappy-so-I'll-lay-in-bed-all-day internet romp, I started looking at weird animal videos and photos.  This went on for hours...

Guys, nature is amazing.


Look at this video of a goblin shark, (Melissa!  DO. NOT. WATCH. THIS. Or anyone else that is as scared of sharks as my dear, sweet best friend...) it has these amazing retractable jaws.  At around :30, you get a great slow-mo shot of them in action.  I've seen this a dozen times at least.

What about this creepycreepycreepycreepy fish?  It's the sloane's viperfish and it holds the world record for teeth to head size in a fish.  Sorry for the nightmares.
I meant it about the nightmares... via zoochat 

Creepo fish aside, we live in a world full of amazing animals.  Moonwalking bird?  Got it. (at 2:44)

How about gorgeous caterpillars that are pretty much made of Jello? I could go on all day with pictures of caterpillars.  It gets cray cray.

Crazy fish that looks like a person?  Here.  Spotted unicornfish.  Even cooler, the thing can change it's color at will.  I'm kind of obsessed with this fish.  I feel like we could be friends.

How about another little bird mating dance?  Sweet moves, rifebird of paradise...
You're welcome.  


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