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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

So, on Sunday night, Loryn, Lindsay and I went to have a goodbye-you're-going-to-Hawaii-for-two-months-and-we're-going-to-miss-you dinner for Amber.  We had some Mexican food and margaritas (as usual) and then Loryn and I went to Jackalope and had a few hours of heart-to-heart conversation about anything and everything (as we're wont to do.)  I was talking about my constant need to make something appear better as a reaction to being ashamed of/not happy with it.  In a stroke of pure brilliance Loryn said, "It is what it is, Stephanie."  She's right.  Life is what it is.  For me, getting the resolve and drive to change where I'm at only comes after accepting where that truly is.  I have to be ok with the fact that... It is what it is.

Now, we'd already passed the tattoo shop earlier in the evening where we'd gotten our yaya tattoos and had started talking about what tattoos we should get that night. (In a joking/two margaritas deep/woohoo, no work tomorrow kind of way...)

Love, love, love.

So, with that already in our (sobered up) brains, we both just looked at each other and I said, "That's it, Loryn.  Let's do this."  It's what I always end up forgetting, so I thought I'd make sure I don't.  We walked into the shop (True Blue) and spoke to one of the artists there.  I had a few ideas about how I wanted it to look, but I was actually pretty open.  He was super sweet about it and started sketching up a few designs.  He drew a few that were in the vein of what I was describing but then started going off in a whole different direction.  I saw this design and immediately said yes; it was exactly what I didn't know I wanted.  (Do I really have to use such trite platitudes?)

A few dollars and few minutes of pain later, I had this.

I couldn't love it any more.

I'm pretty sure Loryn will always be proud of herself for having her words tattooed on someone else's body, but that's what happens when you know someone well enough to figure out exactly what they need to hear.


  1. Sweet tat! And I love the meaning behind it.

    Do you like True Blood? Are they a good shop? Anyone you recommend?

  2. It's True Blue... and yes, I love them. They've got a girl there, Cara, who does amazing color work. She did a friend of mine's sleeve (For a whole six hours session! It was intense, but I did get to hang out in the shop for the whole afternoon.) and it's gorgeous. The yayas (you know who I'm talking about, the same best friends I had when we lived together) all got tattoos together and a guy named John did mine and one of the other girls. He still works there and he was super nice (a lot of tattoo artists aren't super nice to first time/newbie tattooees. The guy that did this one was named Crtnz. (Like curtains, I know weird, but he was so nice and really talented.)

  3. just wanted to say how much i love being a part of your new ink. that night was kind of perfect in all of its school woes, whiskey on the rocks and tattoo spontaneity, don't you think? :) i love you!



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