Things that I think are awesome (the I don't want to clean my room edition)

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

I love Dinner: A Love Story and I really hope that I'm able to have dinner be as special for my family. (When I get one.  Someday.  Far away.  Waaaaay in the future.)


This week, #lessambitiousbooks was trending on Twitter.  I literally laughed out loud at least a dozen times as I read through every one's ideas.

That one killed me.

But my favorite?

I love it.


This sauce from 101 cookbooks sounds/looks ah-may-zing. 

Magic Sauce.  Totally sounds like a name I would come up with, right?


Artist Sarah Frost did this installation in the James Hotel in New York.  Guess what it's made of...

*** DRUM ROLL!!!!!!! ***

Letters from old keyboards!
Right?!?!  Right?


Parents get told they're going to be grandfathers
(Warning: excitement-induced strong language)

There is a comment on this YouTube video that says, "I hope that at least once, everyone gets to experience a moment of pure joy at least half as good as the one the guy in the white shirt is having." 

My feelings exactly. 

(Whatever feelings you have about these guys and their life and stuff and whatever and whatever... You shouldn't be able to help but smile at seeing someone just so very happy.)
---- I seriously just spent the last 30 minutes looking at all of the "Tell Mom and Dad that we're having a baby" videos on YouTube.  No, I haven't been crying the whole time.  Shut up.


I'm really loving this bag off of Etsy.


Look.  At.  This.

Who would think of reupholstering an old Louis chair in a Mexican embroidered dress?  I wish it had been me.


Those things were all awesome.  You're welcome.


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