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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Since the beginning of time (on this blog) I've had a specific image I wanted to style my kitchen after:
I know I've shown it a thousand times... But isn't it so pretty!
photo from Design Sponge

This is a basement laundry room from Sarah Hartill's house (she's the editor of Canadian House & Home) which I planned on turning into a kitchen and now am imagining as a bathroom.
All of the white in this room will easily be matched by the white tiles and flooring that most bathrooms have.  Sometimes when you have a boring builder's bathroom, you have to work extra hard to make sure you give the room some personality.

1/8.  I'm not exaggerating when I say I have been looking for a less expensive version of this fabric for over a year.  Every single time I'm in a fabric store I search the aisles for a match.  I love the color, the print... It's perfect!  You don't have to buy a shower curtain, just hem up the fabric and use a white shower curtain liner behind it to keep out the water.

2. This Olin Rug from Crate and Barrel has the perfect stripes.  I had a hard time finding a bath mat in black and white, but I think this would work too.

3. There are a million different vintage maps I found on Etsy, but I especially liked the blue color on this one.  I'm also totally digging this star map.

4. So, this is the Jamie Young Round Leather Mirror and it costs almost $600.  Guess what I'm going to say?  Duh.  DIY.

5. Of course, you still have to have pretty soaps.  The Dove bottle just doesn't have the same cache. (Of course, it's a lot cheaper... but whatever!  This isn't real life, it's the internet!)

6.  I love this little green soap holder from Urban Outfitters.  (They do have other things like a tower rack and a toothbrush holder, fyi.  Dude, I am so helpful.)

7.  I've heard a lot about these Turkish towels called foutas.  They're super thin cotton, but supposedly  very absorbent.  Jonathan Adler had these cute pink ones, but you can find them everywhere.

9.  Though the original photo didn't have any wood in it, I really like the idea of using wooden crates on the wall.  (A la A Beautiful Mess, whose black/white/floral scheme is in the same vein as mine.)  I found a few (overpriced) ones on Etsy, but you should be able to find a few of these at a flea market for cheap.

10.  I love little brass animals and this fox hook from Anthro is perfect for that pink fouta towel.

So cute.


  1. You've pulled together a great "Get the Look." Sarah's one of our style editors, and her laundry room has certainly been a hit! :)



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