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Friday, August 3, 2012

In my a room can be designed in an hour on the internet post I talked about how I think a room always benefits from a bit of typographic art.  Some of my all-time favorite pieces (from the room that I never actually did except for on the internet) are Paper Jam Press' prints of rap lyrics.

I love love love.

happy2bsad is a tumblr full of funny sentiments simply and perfectly written.
(And it's totally true)

Rhythm-of-love-micy tumblr doesn't exist...
Thanks for giving us this before you disappeared off the internet, though!

73 letterpress has so many great prints
(like, probably 73 of them)

Chris Piascik has hundreds of prints that I love.  Pages and pages.

There are also the more common phrases that everyone has made a print out of... I still love them.

I tried so hard to figure out where this came from.
It was one of those internet rabbit holes.
(I know it's not a print, but it's so perfect!)

Crazy popular, but for a good reason...

Of course, none of this artwork compares to the doodles Hannah and I worked on instead of getting slaughtered at Yahtzee by my dad.

How much should we charge for those?  $100, $200 apiece?


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