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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

This weekend on my yaya trip, we sang that song a thousand times...  I don't know why it was stuck in my head (I blame Melissa) but even though I have a strict rule against decorating for Christmas before Thanksgiving, I'm kind of in the holiday spirit already.  I bought four whole Christmas presents this weekend.  (This is seriously a record.  I've never started shopping this early.)  And I already bought the supplies for my amazing homemade Christmas presents this year.  I'm on fire!

With all of that in mind, last night I got caught up in Anthropologie decorations.  They've got some great stuff up (of course) and I think it would be really easy to translate it to your own house.

Rustic wood, greenery, and crystal.  That's what I'm loving right now.  I think this would be easy to set up.  Call a tree trimming place, tell them you want inch-ish thick slices of a 15 inch-ish diameter trunk/branch - perfect chargers.  What are they gonna charge you? $20?  I think it could work!  Someone try it out and tell me.  Now, barring that, go to the Christmas tree section of your hardware store and ask them for the little slices littering the floor.  They always cut off the bottom part of a tree when you buy it (like I told you to do with flowers!) so a mini version will be free... Use it as a coaster, centerpiece, or candle base.  Pair this with some more greenery you stole off the floor at the Christmas tree place (I'm serious, I do this every year) and clean white plates, add some cut glassware or pretty candle sticks (actually, do both).  Boom.  Swanky table.

Same idea, but with hammered gold/silver instead of cut glass.  I think this would be a great addition to the table we talked about before.  Gold/crystal/rustic wood/greenery.  I vote yes.

Now, while this is pretty, I'm think I could make it even better.  What about you keep the rest of the frames rustic wood, halve the amount of frames so it's more open, hang some sprigs of holly or a bell (something sufficiently Christmas-y), and just keep the gold stripe of paint?  Then, when Christmas is over, you can replace the greenery with something else and you're golden.  (Literally, ha.)

I'm feeling it.  I would line an entire mantel with them.  It makes me want kids.  We'd spend a whole day making snow globes out of mason jars.  We'd stick dinosaurs and robots in there.  Hey, I see an idea coming along...

I like this.  Robot Christmas.  Dinosaur Christmas.  This is the wave of the future - no more doves and reindeer.


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