who needs a sub-zero?

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

photo via Design Sponge

Who needs a fancy new refrigerator when you can make your heinous old one look so charming.  (Ok, maybe a Smeg would still be worth it.)

The "I love pretty things!" part of me likes the composition and colors of the photo, but what I really love about this is the ingenuity.  Think about it.  You move into a new home, but you can't always (never can) afford to fix everthing you don't like about it.  You can stress about the janky 15 year old fridge, and save every penny to buy a fancy stainless steel one or you can put a little thought and creativity in it. (Save your money for something important and practical like a vacation to NYC to come and see me next year!)

This is genius, obviously.


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