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Monday, September 10, 2012

My friend Loryn turned me on to a fantastic blog, Cupcakes and Cashmere.  It's written by Emily Schuman, from LA, and she's got killer style.  I always love her outfits, but this one slays me - especially with that necklace.  It's from J. Crew and comes in a bunch of colors.  (I like the multi-colored one.  Said in the voice of Sophia Grace.)

I wanted to make a room that captured the bright white of the dress and the rustic/urban elements of the background with the gorgeous pops of orange and cognac leather.
cupcakes and cashmere inspired room
1. The Cove Sofa from John Derian might be the perfect modern white couch.  It's got clean lines but still has a bit of character.  I love the small dip from the back of the couch down to the arms.

2. The Regina Andrew scalloped wood bead chandelier mixes wood beads and weathered metal that brings to mind the colors and textures of the photo's background and her vintage clutch.

3 & 4. This Serena and Lily tan Moroccan leather pouf and vintage cognac leather chair (from somewhere random on the internet and unavailable for purchase - I'm so helpful, aren't I?) are gorgeous, but there are actually lots of easily found beat up leather chairs and ottomans in this color.  While the sleekness of this chair and the patchwork of the pouf are fantastic, the contrast between the crisp white sofa and the worn caramel leather will still work with a thrift store purchase.  (Or regular store purchase... The thrift store is just always where I end up shopping.)

5. I layered this vintage orange Turkish rug and Anthropologie's floral fresco rug for some texture.  (The Anthro rug also brings in the coral tones from the necklace.)  You could also go with a lightly patterned rug in that orange color on top of a warm wooden floor; it'd look fantastic.

6. The pop of this bright orange pillow and the burlap coral pillow bring the colors of Emily's shoes and necklace to the room.  A color that bright might be scary to some, but if you keep the fabric luxurious and textured (like a velvet or nice linen) then it doesn't veer into cheap Halloween decoration territory.

7. The Ichibad round side table grounds the space (along with those sleek, dark couch legs) and has a those gorgeous turned legs that look ornate and ambiguously "ethnic" but are still chic and modern.

8. The vintage orange glass hanging lamp brings a little bit of glamour to the room (a la that killer necklace) but I'd also like to see a big grouping of cut glass amber candle holders on the coffee table.  You have to have a little bit of sparkle in every room.

Every room.


  1. i. love. this.
    this outfit-to-room featurette is my favourite of yours!!
    genius. obvs.



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