Before I leave (the food edition)

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

As some/most/few of you might know, I'm moving to the Big Apple in January.  I graduate in December and after that I'll be moving in with Evane and Hannah.  (Hannah and I live together in Austin, but she's moving up there in a month when our lease is up and Evane lives there now, going to St. John's University.)  It's scary and awesome and scary again, but I'm super excited.  I'll be looking for a job/internship with an interior designer (or firm) and I'm so excited to start doing what I love (and maybe get paid for it!)

I am not, however, excited about leaving Austin.  I love this town (and Texas!) and I'm determined to make the most of my four months left.  I thought I'd make myself a list of places I should try to go before I leave.  I'll start with food...

I want more great, fresh veggies at Eastside Cafe.  I want to try Vespaio (or Enoteca if I'm too broke.)  Same for Uchi/Uchiko.  I want frito pie at Vegan Yacht. I want BBQ at Franklin's, Salt Lick and Lambert's.  I haven't tried Barley Swine or Foreign + Domestic yet.  I want more happy hours at La Condesa and El Alma.  I need more lazy mornings and late nights at The Hideout and Epoch.

(Thank you Loryn for the beautifully instagrammed last two pictures!)

I want another P. Terry's perfect veggie burger.  I want pitchers of margaritas at Polvos. I want mexican vanilla with strawberries at Amy's Ice Cream.  Doughnuts so fattening and magical at Gordough's.  Veggie BBQ and strawberry honey lemonade at Mr. Natural.  I want pizza at Home Slice and East Side Pies.

I really want some more of that lemonade right now.

I wanna try Elizabeth St. Cafe and Noble Pig.  I've always wanted to go to Evangeline Cafe and Frank.  I never got to go to Odd Duck Farm to Trailer, because they closed.  Rude!  I've also never gone to Juan in a Million, which is weird considering how much I love breakfast tacos.  I love me some Titaya's (like more than anything in the world), but I also wanna try Thai Passion.  Why have I never been to East Side King or Olivia?

I want to have brunch at Moonshine again.  Great wine and local, fresh food at 24 Diner.  Tacos at Maudie's and Torchy's.  Breakfast at Bouldin Creek.  THE BEST FRENCH FRIES EVER!!!! at Hyde Park Grill.  Khuroos-E-Tursh at Clay Pit.  Oysters at Perla's.  Spinach dip at Magnolia's.  The chai latte at Genuine Joe's will haunt me forever.  I need more Protein 2000 at Veggie Heaven.  Calamari and killer employee discounted wine at South Congress Cafe.  Magical, vegentarianism-banishing burgers at Hopdoddy.  Late night pancakes with a good book at Kerbey Lane.

Most important and pressing issue about my move from Texas to New York:  Will they have a Shipley's there?!?!?!

That's really what I'm stressing out about.

Did I miss anything?


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