Art and test ass kicking.

Friday, September 16, 2011

I just had my first big (and by big, I mean, Godzilla-sized) test since I've been back to school.  It was this morning and I was super stressed out about it.  Let's just say that I picked out a paint color and bought it and haven't even painted my house with it, I've been so busy studying...  I know, that's pretty stressed out.  (More on the paint color later.)

This morning, however, I pulled a Jackie Chan on this little Adapted Physical Education test and showed it who's boss.  (Prize for the person who can correctly count how many times I use a metaphor for doing well on my test today in this blog post.) Therefore, I am in a fantastic mood...  Lucky everyone who gets to be around me today.

While I was studying (really hard, despite what I'm about to show you says about my procrastination techniques) I came across this post on Apartment Therapy (I only took a short break to browse the internets, ok?) about collections.  I'm a big fan of them, but the example they gave that I loved the most wasn't technically a collection, it was more of an art installation.

  I clicked over to his website, Rune Guneriussen and immediately spent the next few minutes (Ok! It was more than just a few!) drooling over his dreamy photos.   There are quite a few that use a collection of lamps or lights and are taken at night.  Dreamy is really the only word you can use for these photos.  (Ok, well, the only word that my studying-exhausted brain can come up with at the moment.)

He's got this amazing series with a bunch of office-y chairs on a rocky cliff and in the water.  They're all amazing, but I think my favorite one is this. 

The moss, the tree, the rocks, and the books!  I love love love it.

I want a giant white loft with painted white floors and a huge print of this hanging where it's viewable from every point in the house.

Beautiful photos for a killer day.


  1. Um, these pictures are AMAZING!!!!! Love the lamp shades. You're pretty amazing too. And so is your blog. That is all.



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