Things that I think are pretty.

Monday, September 26, 2011

It's Monday...  while everyone else in the world is grumpy because (well, it's Monday)...  I am in a terrific mood.  I just aced another test, in a class that I never pay attention in and often skip (Dude! It's really early in the morning and I still work super late nights) (Oh.  Just joking, I mean... I always go, all the time and I'm a really attentive student.)  I didn't get a lot of sleep last night, but I have plans for a nap this afternoon that I think just might be pretty glorious.  I've also got a wedding this weekend and a chance to see a lot of people that I love...  It's a good day!

So, here are things that I think are pretty.  I'm just in that kind of mood. 

I love this look, it's kind of the stripes/floral mix I'm going for in the kitchen.  Super adorable.  It's from this lady, and her outfits are just perfect.

This picture?  Forget about, it.  This is everything I love about flowers (and I really love flowers.)

With Hannah's new tattoo, all I can think about is just a little more ink.  I've got lots of ideas (and I know everyone's already seen this picture from we heart it) but I love this.

Gorgeous!  And it is... (enough, that is.)

Seriously?  Tiny pies.  I know.

Plastic animals to show wedding guests their table numbers.  Don't be surprised if you see a grouping of painted plastic animals as the table centerpiece at an event I design someday.

My seester, Hannah.  She's (luckily for her) my roomie and the frequent victim of my need to "talk through" some of my design ideas (not so luckily for her.)  She's also wearing my vintage hat and purse in this picture (and I used my magic curling iron to fix her hair, so I'm basically responsible for how hot she looks.)

Look at this.
I want to go to there.

I briefly/only for 10 seconds/actually never/kinda thought about having a child last week so I could design a teenager's bedroom.  I'm thinking about it for 3 more seconds so I can look at this kid's room.

Just joking.  No kids.

And this, of course.   It's almost too obvious, because we're just that pretty.  (I often look back at sentences and realize how many time I've used italics.  Often I change it because, come on, that's just ridiculous.  Just as often, though, I keep it.  We all know I actually talk this way.) 

OK.  I need to get back to studying (one more test tomorrow!) but so concludes my Monday edition of "Things I think are pretty."  You're welcome.  (Especially for the last one.  Unless you're actually in that picture.  Then... I'm sorry.)


  1. since when is hannah a model? i move to new york and my sisters get cool and blog and model and i remain not cool. jk, im cool, maybe for the sole reason that i live in nyc... maybe... my sisters could move to nyc.... just a thought!

  2. She went to this 40's themed party and I dressed her up for it.

  3. LURVE this post! you have SUCH good taste! :) and I really lurve our sexy swimsuit pic as well. although those little pies made me want to forget about sexy and think more about how suddenly i have a hankering for pie. pie in basket- even better.



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