So I've decided to have a child.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Not because I have any desire to push a real person out of my body (in ways I think it's really unfair that actual large things have to exit a person), or because I really want to be a mom (helping raise my four younger siblings was enough for me - for now.)  I mostly want a kid (a girl, to be specific) so I can design this room.

I actually don't want a teenager.  I changed my mind.  I forgot about the whole actually-having-to-raise-a-teenager part of this fantasy.  Why doesn't someone just hire me to create this room for their kid and they can then raise her?  This is a much better idea.  (And I get money out of it!)

I love this room (done by Teen Vogue for some lucky little teenybopper, to promote their new bedding line.)  It's got a great mix of stripes, florals, graphic elements, polka dots and ruffles.  There are a million colors and prints in this room, but they all work against a clean and neutral background. (Nothing makes red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple look better than a large amount of white.)

I was so design-y, even as a kid, that all my stuff matched.  (In a horrid, bedding-in-a-bag way...  Dude, what did I know?  At least I was trying.)  When I first got my own room (and by got my own room, I mean started sharing a room with a baby, who had no say in the design process) I had this sweet sunflower/blue and yellow gingham theme.  I'm sure it came from some bedding set, but I had blue walls, a yellow rug and all the accessories... the whole shebang.  It. Was. Awesome/Heinous.  (I loved it)  I think I later had this leopard thing going on for my bedroom that we probably shouldn't get into if I want to keep up some pretense as a interior designer wannabe (I believe I brought it to college with me - my "I was a kid!" defense is starting to wear down.)

All this to say, I would have loved this room as a teenager.  It's everything a teenage girl could want to be... Cool, fresh, bright, fun, adventurous and still totally young.  (Easy, breezy, beautiful.  Cover Girl)  Obviously, the same could be said about me at 16.  The previous sentence - while using enough obvious sarcasm to be false - is not really funny unless you knew me at that age.  Now, though?  I'm totally cool.  

No, I didn't just go to CVS to buy some makeup remover so I could remove the glittery rainbow and unicorn temporary tattoo that I put on my neck at work last night and pretended to be really hardcore with.  Why would you say that? (Neck tats are super hardcore, OK?  Don't judge me.)


  1. your blog cracks me up on a daily basis. keep posting all of your runingtogetthercrazythoughtsandramblings!!! they keep me entertained when it's slow at work. xoxoxo

  2. Dude, you can totally come re-do my girls' room. But there needs to be more purple than in your photo. They're freakishly crazy about purple.



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