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Friday, September 2, 2011

The odds are very high that none of you will get the name of this blog (unless your last name is Corder and you're my sibling.)  You should all remedy that situation and memorize the script to the seminal classic "That Thing You Do" by the celebrated auteur Tom Hanks.  (No, none of those phrases were meant to be sarcastic.)  Then, you can jump right into the Corder kids' favorite pastime: proving they can quote this entire movie line by line.

I just wrote a paragraph defending my love for this movie.  (It included the phrases "nostalgia," "beautiful cinematography," and "moving soundtrack.")  Then I realized that I don't need to justify my feelings about it and deleted it.  So there.  Make fun of me (and then watch the movie, succumb to its greatness, and apologize for how wrong you were about it all.)

So, this blog.  Hannah and I are moving into a new apartment tomorrow and I wanted to chronicle its transformation into pure awesomeness.  So, why not start a blog?  I'm obviously really funny and super crafty.  I'll probably be putting Apartment Therapy and Dooce out of business tomorrow.

Sometimes I'm really good at documenting the various crafty/sewy/buildy things I do; sometimes I totally suck at it.  (Dude!  I cross-stitched an amazing 30 Rock quote grandma pillow for someone this summer and failed to take a single picture of it!  I know, I know...  It had vintage fabric on the back and the text was surrounded by super granny embroidery.   It said, "Ambition is the willingness to kill the things you love and eat them in order to stay alive.")  I'm hoping that having this blog will force me to use my camera more often (only when I'm being awesome... Nobody really wants to see what I'm eating for breakfast - though I won't promise that if I make some rainbow pancakes or something that you won't be subjected to a quick photo.)

I'm also hoping that this will be a good outlet for all the design ideas bouncing around in my head.  I've luckily got some super stylish/interior design loving friends, but my poor sister is done hearing about my plans for our apartment.  She's rather sweet and listens for a while, but I can tell when she reaches her limit by the way she shrieks "I don't know/care/wanna hear one more word about what color rug will go best with the couch!"

What have we got going for this blog so far?  My general hilarity, craftiness, the gorgeous apartment still in it's little cocoon (I was going for a little worm turning into a beautiful butterfly metaphor there, if you didn't get it), and rainbow pancakes...  But, let's not forget the old lady that lives in my 26-year-old body; she's got some killer cross-stitch and embroidery projects to share.

All that to say:  I'm starting a blog (which you know if you're actually reading this, so that statement was pretty pointless.)  You should read it everyday. 



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