Just joking, I am posting about pancakes.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

So Monday was the first morning Hannah and I woke up in our new apartment and obviously something had to be done to mark this momentous occasion.
Enter rainbow pancakes.

I should have started this out by talking about how much Hannah loves pancakes.  She does.  A lot.  Only with good syrup, however, none of this Aunt Jemima crap.    I wanted them to be a surprise, so when she woke I up, I banished her to her bedroom until they were all done.  I'm pretty sure that in pursuit of artistic perfection, they weren't as good as the one she makes (which is to say, very very good.)  But, of course she said she loved them.  Hello?  I'm her sister and I made her rainbow pancakes!  Of course they were delicious!

It wasn't very hard, just a few paper bowls to divide the pancake batter in, (and to keep my precious vintage dishes dye free!) some food coloring, and a little basic color theory.  (That phrase sounds way too fancy.  I just meant that red + blue = purple.)

What you can't see in the background of this picture are a million unpacked boxes.  I wish I could say that since this picture was taken, all/most/even a few? of them had been unpacked.  Ummm... yeah, totally!  I'm all done.

 Or, I haven't even started.  Whatever.



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