Best bathroom graffitti of all time

Monday, October 24, 2011

My favorite place to be in Austin in the middle of the night (beside my comfy comfy bed) is at Epoch, a 24 hour coffee shop on North Loop.  I used to live practically across the street from it (and used to practically live there.)  While I don't frequent it as much as I used to, it's still my first choice for all-nighters.  It's got a great vibe, killer soy mexican chocolate mochas, and the best bathrooms ever.  One used to be heaven themed, but it got repainted, so now it's just starting its graffiti-ing.  It's walls are empty and bare compared to the other one, but it's got a few gems...

(I also enjoy whoever went over each of the pieces of graffiti and 
attributed them to Dan Akroyd.  I'll get a picture soon.)

The other one, though, still has the hell theme, and it's awesome.  There are some pretty funny things, like a reference to some board game I've never played, but have been assured I'd love.

And yes, before we go any further, I know it's weird to be taking pictures in a bathroom.  I'm also aware that it's a little gross.  It is funny, however, and funny will almost always trump gross for me.

So, this is my favorite graffiti in this entire bathroom.  For some reason, it strikes me as the funniest thing ever!  Every single time I'm in there, I have to read it, smile, and then ask myself why I think it's so funny.

Here's the general look of the bathroom: a mural background, with lots of quotes about hell done by the person who painted the mural and lots of other random lines of graffiti (some about hell and some about I-don't-know-what-the-hell-it's-about.)

So, whoever painted this mural put Jean-Paul Sartre's most famous quote on one of the walls.

"Hell is other people" -- Jean-Paul Sartre

Well, then a few other people got on it.  My favorite part is that it all seems like different handwriting, and I just love thinking about the inspiration (while, sitting on the toilet, obviously) of these three people coming up with these quotes.

"Jean-Paul Sartre is hell"  -- People Magazine
"People is a hell of a magazine" -- Jean-Paul Sartre

Brilliant.  (And weird.  I know, I know... Stick to design and lay off the bathroom photos.  But it's funny!)


  1. hell is other people?! that's freaking awesome AND the funniest thing i've heard in a loooong time. smart, smart guy. :)



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