I seriously miss downtown.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Dear god, I do not mean downtown as in Sixth-Street-party-time-so-many-crowds-and-drunkeness. I mean the city. I love my apartment in north Austin, and being able to hop on the highway to get to work is really convenient. That's all well and good, but there's something I miss about working and living in and near downtown.

The tall buildings, the people rushing to and fro, the little mom and pop pizza stands, the fancy bars and restaurants, the buses, the guys playing their guitars on the street corners, the museums, the Capitol, the everything! (Oh, and of course the people on every corner asking you to sign a petition or donate some money to get some bill passed/make sure some bill isn't passes/save the whales/kill all the whales/elect some dude/stop some dude from being elected/etc. Can't forget those guys.)

I love it.

I love that I go to my favorite little Italian place and they remember what I ordered for lunch practically every other day, even though I haven't been there for years. I love that the baristas at the hole in the wall coffee shop (that make the best Italian sodas ever!) are as excited about the beautifully designed new menu on the wall as I dorkily am. I love that the guy sitting on the shaded bench, dressed like he may be homeless, isn't sneaking a quick nap, but engrossed in a well-worn copy of The Plague by Camus. I love listening to the woman in a sharp business suit debate Ethiopian vs. Guatemalan coffee beans with a bra-less, long-skirted, hippiest of the hippie chicks.

I love it all.

And as I take my favorite route up Congress, north of the river to the Capitol, I watch who I walk by and wonder, "Am I part of what they love about this city too?"

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  1. look at YOU taking pictures of your afternoon! i'm so proud of you for working on documenting your life. i (and all of your other blog followers) thank you. now go do it some more!!



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