Now all I have to do is find a party to go to.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

I've had some killer ideas over the last month or so for Halloween costumes, but they've all been really complicated (and time intensive and potentially costly and seriously awesome!)

I just found a picture that will be awesome and funny and easy and original (well, except for people that have seen the picture on the website that I saw it on) and cheap and awesome and easy.

So, who is having a party on Monday for me to show off my genius?

(Pictures will be revealed Tuesday.  Lucky you.)

I will show you things I considered, but ultimately rejected.
(Just joking, I never considered them.  They are awesome, however.  By "awesome" I mean horrifying.)


(At least it's not "sexy" Fraggle Rock...)

Of course, last Halloween was the beginning of it all...  If I dress up, I still have to continue the"being awesome for Halloween" trend I started.  I never dressed up for Halloween as a kid, and in college half-heartedly threw something together if I had a party to go to.  Last year, however, I decided I had to be a skunk.  I had seen someone the year before having a blast in a mascot-style skunk costume (the ever amazing and always gorgeous Lori - Child!  We have to start our cheap fashion blog!) and I really wanted to make my own.  (Of course, I couldn't rent or buy one, I had to make it.)  So, I took a black hoodie, made ears and white fur circle for the stomach and then made a giant tail.  The tail was my crowning glory (so to speak) and stayed up with little backpack-like straps I added on.  The worst part was, after sewing and working on this for forever, I got super sick with strep throat.  I almost didn't go out at all, but after lying in bed for a few hours, I realized that I had to show off my labors.  I went out for about 45 minutes, but it was worth it.  Hannah put in her dibs for wearing it next year about 5 seconds after I finished it, so it'll get another moment in the spotlight.

Told you it was awesome.

I was seriously proud of this thing, but it wasn't very funny or clever.  This year is gonna be awesome.  And hilarious!  And easy!  (Did I already say that part?)


  1. i don't know... i'm pretty sure you should have gone with the sexy nemo. i'd definitely throw a party to see you wear that!

  2. CUTE!!! how do i follow your cute little blog??'re a skunk, right??



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