I'm feeling stressed out right now.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Not because I have a giant test in 6 hours and I've been up all night studying.  Not because I have more hours of lecture tapes I should be listening to than there are hours before the test.  Not because I'm a little hyped up on caffeine from soy mochas.

But because I brought the wrong notebook to do my work on.

I like legal pads by Knee Pad with 3 holes already in them and the rigid back.

This kind.

Not this kind.

No matter that I am currently writing on a table, so there isn't a need for the stiff back.  Nor does it matter that someone invented a 3-hole punch, so I don't even need to stress out how I'm gonna put these pieces of paper in my notebook.  I am still annoyed that I picked up the one crappy legal pad out of the huge stock I have of my favorite ones.

I do have a grapefruit Izze, however, so that helps calm some of my neuroses.


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