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Saturday, April 21, 2012

I'm totally a creature of habit.  I tend to do the same things over and over, especially when it comes to getting ready in the morning.  I pretty much have a uniform: jeans, a bright colored v-neck/tank top, grandpa cardigan and a long necklace; the afore-mentioned v-neck and one of my homemade, high waisted, pocketed skirts and sandals; or yoga pants and a t-shirt.  (So fashionable!  Whatever, I leave that to some of the other yayas.)  I'm the same way with hair; I'll find a style I like and then fix it that way for months on end.  Some of them are super cute (the curls in my profile picture) some are easy (a quickly bobby-pinned, poufy, 30-second updo) and some are a combination (the grandma bun I've been rocking for the last six months).  Sometimes this is really useful (I can get ready very quickly.  I've got my makeup routine down to a science - so fast!) but sometimes it means things sneak up on you.

Like how long your hair is.

My hair has been pretty short since the first weekend of college when I chopped it all off.  I've pretty much kept it that way in the 10 years since then, spending a long time in short bob with bangs-ville...

Yaya Christmas vacation 2008 in Houston! That was a good haircolor.

Again, I'm lazy about such things, so I kept it like that for a long time (years). But, I stopped cutting my hair for a while and while most people would notice it growing out, I was putting my hair up every day.  (In my defense, I work at a restaurant where I have to keep my hair up.  So, it's just easier to do that all of the time.)  Well, I left my hair down the other day and was shocked to see how long it was.  That grandma bun I've been rocking has completely disguised the transformation.  

When I saw myself in the mirror yesterday (in a bathroom on campus, so ignore the background) I realized I had to take a picture and show everyone.


I think that since I've kept my hair short for so long, even though it's obviously been growing out, I (and others, I presume) just think of myself with short hair.  Hannah keeps freaking out every time she sees me.  I had my hair down yesterday for the autism/music program and she kept walking up to me to say, "Your hair is just so long!"

This kind of feels like a blog version of "I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant".  Don't judge me.


  1. AHHHHHH!!!!!!!! whaaat???!?! I leave the country for a few months and suddenly you actually resemble one of the sisters?!



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