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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

I took Friday night off of work to do some catching up on sleep from Thursday's all-nighter (but I've gotten my grade back and the studying wasn't in vain!)  After my nap, I went to a movie by myself (my favorite way to spend an evening) at Alamo Drafthouse - an Austin institution that's worth all of it's hype.  I saw 21 Jump Street and had some amazing 4 cheese-artichoke-spinach-hearts of palm dip.  It was fantastic.  Fan-freaking-tastic.  So funny and smart (and a little dirty, fair warning.)


The littlest sister (Larisa) moved into a new bedroom, so we've been spending a lot of time together lately, talking color schemes, new furniture and paint choices.

We also had the first Casey's of the summer last night.  Seriously, if you live in Austin and you've never been, you need to remedy that.  Casey's New Orleans Snowballs - one yelp reviewer said it all:

If one does not like Casey's, it is fair to assume the following:

* They are a terrorist
* They are a communist
* They do not believe in AMERICA
* They take life for granted

Mounds (hers) and Peach/Strawberry (mine).  Why did we get big ones?  I think we were just a little excited that they were finally open.  We drove by, saw the open sign and practically did a U-turn to get there.


Campbell (the brother) has had a scary week.  He went to the ER with what he thought was a extreme muscle spasm in his neck.  An ambulance ride to Seton and some surgery later, he had a giant abscess taken out of his lymph nodes.  He's totally fine and cracking us all up when he's loopy on painkillers, so I'm relieved.  He does have a sweet scar on his neck - we've been coming up with explanations for the injury and my favorite is knife fight, followed up with the classic, "You should see the other guy."

I just stole this picture from his facebook, but look how handsome he is!


I also took a little study break tonight and did a little music making with Larisa.  She's become a little ukulele virtuoso and so we used my crappy iPhone video camera and had a concert out on the south steps of the Tower.  

Thanks for the screenshots, youtube.

I made Larisa record "Sweetie Pie" - the song that prompted this post.  She killed it, of course.

Oooooh... That one might be worse.

The squeals at the end of both of these is our excitement of getting through the songs without a car driving by.  If we were more professional, we'd have multiple takes to pick the best from...  Nope, y'all get one-take performances.

Ok, back to more studying.  I lead an exciting life, don't I?


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