you shouldn't see scary movies alone

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

An empty glass of wine, a completely devoured bowl of popcorn and a KILLER movie.  Seriously.  Go see Cabin In The Woods. But not by yourself.  Seeing movies alone is my little indulgent relaxation ritual, but I forgot that I see scary movies best with Loryn.  She can't handle the sounds, I can't handle watching the gore and we both need someone to hold on to during the scary parts.  We're a perfect team.

Go see this movie.  I can't tell you what it's about, but just trust me.


  1. i can't believe you saw this without me! however, i'm SO proud of you for going all by yourself and not leaving halfway through like i would have. {a thought: i would have been so happy during the age of silent movies. right?!} it just so happens that i have a super scary horror movie on my netflix that i really want to see because it's supposed to be amazing but i just can't watch without my "ears" telling me when it's ok to listen again. so why don't you come over soon and we'll watch it!
    yes and yes!



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