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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

I haven't been feeling super fantastic this week (as Loryn and Mel got to witness when they dropped by to see my beautiful, pj clad, unwashed hair self) and since I found out I can make up some of the test I bombed last week,  I've been laying around watching The Office and studying Linguistics.

In a particularly challenging chapter on phonology, I found this:

"switching my major to figure drawing"

I feel you, mysterious artist who also bought/sold their book to the UT Co-op.  If I had to study this stuff for more than one class I'd switch my major too.  (And if I wasn't 242 days away from graduation, I might switch my major to one that didn't require this class as well...)

this chart is the bane of my existence

more funny things...

a drunk guy in the back of a cop car sings "Bohemian Rhapsody" flawlessly

"I have done nothing wrong - even the situation where you grabbed me, has nothing to do with having been sort-of intoxicated, as you proclaim!  And I didn't say that I was intoxicated... And it doesn't even matter! What it has to do with is brotherhood of man on the planet Earth!" 

I'd like to thank Clint for showing me this next video and its compatriots.  My Drunk Kitchen is a series where a girl named Hannah gets drunk while she films a cooking show and posts the videos to YouTube.  

It's as awesome as it sounds.

Most of the videos are about cooking things like pizza or omelets.  My favorite, however, is one where she attempts to make cookies.  She's not a fan of baking, by the way... (language warning)

"nothing about cookies is fun"
"now it's the worst part, the part where we cook and don't just get drunk"
"pretentious a** recipe"
"put some baking powder in, it doesn't matter how much"
"things to do while it's baking - clean your kitchen so your roommates don't get mad about your drunk cooking show"

Clint, let's make our own drunk cooking show.  We'd be soooooo good.

Nobody does "Garth and Kat" better than Andrew Rodriguez and I. (I'm Garth)

some of Fred Armisen and Kristen Wiig's best work.

"That's how your hair looks when you come out of the shower?"
"I heard a rumor that you gave me chocolaaaaaaates."
"Please, Seth!  We came all the way from Colonial Williamsburg!"
"Please!  I'm begging for my life!"

Every single time they break and start laughing, I almost pee in my pants.  They've done this bit a million times (you're welcome) but I love it every time.


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