thumbtacks, cupcake liners, and coffee filters, oh my!

Saturday, March 31, 2012

The wall behind my tv has been crying out for some sort of decoration.  It's sitting on the ubiquitous white Expedit and has a few vintage mirrors behind it.  Those mirrors create a bit of an awkward space to arrange things around, but I love how they look so I thought I'd work with it instead of change it.

Crappy iPhone picture... Sorry!

So, I've thought about doing a gallery wall around the tv.  When you make the tv fade into the decor on the wall around it, you get to pretend that you don't spend way too much time watching it.  (Right?  It fools people, doesn't it?)

gorgeous living room from

tv/gallery wall from

I've shown a million pictures from this house... BECAUSE I LOVE EVERY SHOT OF IT!
photo from Design Sponge's sneak peek of Emily Henson's home

Now, this is a great idea, but most of the smaller sized art that I own is already hung up around my apartment. And, it takes a lot of energy to arrange such a thing.  Does this make me lazy?  Probably.  But, from laziness comes great ideas.  (That's the old adage, right?)  So, when I saw this photo on, I thought that it could be the perfect treatment for this wall.  Something organic and flowing can balance out an uneven space - perfect when you have a large piece of furniture or tv that isn't centered on the wall.

So, the littlest sister came over for a night of Getting Stuff Done! TM.  We got coffee filters and cupcake liners in two different sizes.  We took some thumbtacks, painted them orange, and we were ready to start...  (By the way, this project was so cheap - less than $2 each for the filters and liners, 99 cents for the thumbtacks and a tiny bit of paint and painter's tape that I already had.  Even if you had to buy those, you're still looking at less than $10.  Nice.)

Then I took some painter's tape and "sketched" out the design I wanted. Awww.. that was back when my flowers weren't dead. (and my entertainment center was messy)

I just started placing the different sized liners and filters in a random pattern, generally following the lines of the tape.  

I layered some of them on top of each other, but looking at it now, I would love to add in a few paper doilies.  

I love the organic, textured feel it gives to the room.  It fills up the wall, but it's light and airy so it doesn't compete too much with the bookshelves directly opposite it.

Love it.


  1. so, so, so adorable, and it looks even better in person! you are totally the person i call when i need help with being crafty- you know this, right? {hence the emergency FIX THE COUCH meeting today.}
    i love you. and your mad skills. :)



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