Friday, March 9, 2012

I live with one of the seesters, but I got to spend the day with the others yesterday.  The littlest one is sick and since the padre and the brother are off on a manly man road trip, I've stayed with her a bit this week.  The other sister is off gallivanting across Europe (What? Do I sound jealous?  Does it seem like I am bothered by the incredibly amazing trip she's having to places I've never seen?!?!?!?!?! I'm totally not.  Why would you say that?) Anyways, we got to facetime for an hour or so (god love technology) and talk about how she's doing and future plans and how I miss her and all of the sister catching up things you have to do when your siblings are on far away continents.

It was good.

Evane (the Europe traveling one), Me, Larisa (the youngest) and Hannah (the roomie)

Finally! A picture with the brother.

We get even bigger!  (Minus Terry, Esme and Justin - the cutest nephew that ever lived!)

Don't let this photo of Justin and Hannah having fun fool you, he totally loves me the best.


  1. I look really good in that top picture. JUST SAYIN.



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