Things that I think are awesome (the tattoo edition)

Friday, March 9, 2012

So, I wrote all about my tiny, behind the ear tattoos, but I spend a giant amount of time looking at other people's awesome/pretty/insane/funny/badass tattoos online.

My sister has some gorgeous ones (luckily, I get to look at them everyday.)  I've promised her I'll get one with her sometime, somewhere...
She just got the color fixed up on this one (the mustard shield and the hair/snakes) and I love it!

This was her first big one, based off this painting by Arnold Bocklin that she fell in love with when she studied it in college.

My favorite of hers, though?  This one...
We've both got a serious love of Ella Fitzgerald.

Last year, my friend Meg started her sleeve.  I went and hung out for the first session (6 hours!  That girl's a hoss!) at True Blue (where I got both of mine) with her amazing artist, Cara.  Meg and Cara designed this beautiful sleeve with watercolor like backgrounds and these gorgeous line drawings.  The whole thing looks like an amazing painting.  (I'm pretty sure I took all of these pictures, by the way...)
I named this bird Ernie.

After session one.  I. Can't. Wait. to see how it looks when it's all done.
It's already so gorgeous!

Look at all of the colors used.  (My shot.  So artistic, right?)

That's a tattoo!  Seriously.   I'm pretty sure Cara from True Blue did it as well.

So, those are the people I know that have tattoos I love - that I could find pictures of.  (Well, the padre has a pretty awesome one, but I need to get a good shot of it.  And ask him if I can share it, I guess.)

Here are some more from fyeahtattoos.  This tumblr has gorgeous tattoos, but not-so-pretty language, so fair warning.

I'm really obsessed with this Hungarian folk art tattoo...
I could get this exact piece and be so happy.  
(Well, except for the fact that I'd stolen someone else's tattoo.)

There is a French artist named Lea Nanon and her website is full of beautiful paintings, sketches, and tattoos.  (And of course, it's all in french so it's that much cooler.)  She does these insane line drawn portraits... 

I'm a really big fan of this Salvador Dali inspired piece by Todd Wilson at Icon Tattoo.  A girl at work has the same drawing and it's as gorgeous in real life as it is here.

This is the piece it's based off of - Les Elephants

I've got the ideas for my next tattoo brewing and percolating... I don't think it'll be as big and dramatic as any of these, but it'll be genius... obviously.


  1. see comment under adele post. xoxox

  2. Swelling has gone down on the tattoo. Sure why not how many Corder Crash tattoos can there be! Dad



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