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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Lowe's or Home Depot?  Which hardware store do I like the best?

Well, I tend to like Home Depot better, but the proximity of a Lowe's to my apartment usually means I pop in there when I need a few nails or some paint.  I understand that normal people don't have a favorite hardware store, but it's a place full of interior design resources and inspiration.  I'm not just talking about the obvious (new lighting or appliances) but cheap, simple decor that nobody will guess came from a hardware store.

I usually can't help but wander every single aisle to just browse and imagine (oh, the possibilities!)  Yesterday, however, I was on a mission for wood stain (new desk to be made this week!) so I only looked in a few spots, but I still found a million different ideas.

I'm a big fan of succulents (the only plants I don't kill) and Lowe's had 2 giant tables full.  They're such sculptural, gorgeous plants and you never have to water them!  They provide a perfect touch of nature to any room, but  I found a few that I pictured in a modern space.

 A few of these...

 plus a purple one or two and the tall, skinny, spiky one in the top left corner (every picture I took of it was really blurry!)

I'd put them in a bright white pot - these aren't horribly priced, and I like the texture.  I'm a big fan of these from IKEA (I must have 10 of them).  They're about half the price and come in 8 different sizes.

I can see them in a group of 3 or 5, on a rustic wood table.  Loryn, I'm pretty much picturing these in your dining room.  You get the "touch of nature" most plants bring, but with a sculptural, interesting shape.


I've also been looking for a thrift store bench to do a little makeover on.  The window at the front of my living room is crying out for a little bench underneath it.  Hopefully I'll find a cheap one and this'll turn out to be a $20 project.

I love the edge the nylon towing rope gives.  This project is from Today's Nest and I'm a big fan.  When I was at Lowe's, I looked through the rope options to get some design ideas and price points.

So many options!

I love the pattern these have and I think they'd look amazing woven on a white bench.  The white/red one will vibe better with my wildly patterned rug, I think.

I'm also thinking I might go with this white rope and a faded rusty-red/coral bench.  That color is one I haven't used very often, but it's pretty prevalent in my rug and I kinda love it!  
I couldn't feel it, but it seemed a little softer than the nylon rope.  I think the soft, white cotton will be a great counterpoint to the bold paint color.

What about these?  The blue one for a little kid's room?  Any of these would look adorable woven on a brightly colored bench (I'd love the left rope on a high gloss white.)

See?  The hardware store is full of possibilities.


  1. I'd be hesitant to go to all that trouble making that using nylon rope. It has a tendency to stretch a lot. So if it's intended for use as an actual bench and not just decoration, I doubt it would hold all those tight weaves for long.



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