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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Ok, maybe not, but a resume should have something about it that stands out.  Maybe it's your stellar references or a well crafted "About Me" section, but even then it can get lost in the crowd.

(Personally, I just write, "Dude, you know you want to hire me." on all of my resumes.)

Loft Resumes has come up with a brilliant concept.  It gives you "style-conscious resumes for the standout job seeker" and lets you pick the look of your resume, fill in the areas, arranges it all for a balanced, well-designed look and emails you a PDF (along with a similarly styled blank cover letter that you can open up in Word.)  It costs about $100, with customizations like multiple pages, a faster delivery time or custom color scheme for $10 - $40 more.

I'm obsessed with this idea.  It's brilliant.  In this economy, job interviews are hard to come by and though this might not be ideal for a conservative workplace, it's perfect for someone looking for a job in a creative field.

The Stars.

I think the Market Square might be my favorite.

So, if you're looking for a job anytime soon, these just might be the ticket.  Or, you could do what most successful job searchers do... Put me as a reference.  Hired!

(And tell me somebody got the Legally Blonde reference!)


  1. i just want you to know:
    today i opened up your blog (no joke) to show matt something i want to do in our bedroom in our new house. (ehem...your living room shelves... with a really frilly girly twist of course) and then you have this other wonderful timely post above!! i so needed this for my job hunt! excellent idea love! :)

  2. Thanks for loving my bookshelves as much as I do.



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