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Sunday, October 7, 2012

I've long been a fan of Rachel Denny's series "Domestic Trophies", where she takes wood and foam and knit and turns the idea of taxidermy on its ear.
She had an awesome collection with the sweater deer heads (I love the cable knit ones!) but she's definitely brought it to a whole new level with her new work.

"War Horse" 2012
"Love Bite" 2012
"Sweet Tooth" 2012

Riiight?!?!  Right?  These things are amazing.  I can see them in that big white loft I'll have someday.  Her show was in London, so I jet-setted off to the UK to see it last month.  Or not... whatever.  

This is why I like having friends that are artists...  I can tell myself that someday, when I have that giant loft, it'll be populated by art I commissioned (forced, whatever) my friends to create.  Livin' the dream, folks, livin' the dream...


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