tub envy

Thursday, October 18, 2012

I'm in love with bathtubs, A.  B, all I want in life is a claw foot tub.  C.  What if the claw foot tub was yellow?  I'm all over this.
Randolph Morris 72 inch Cast Iron Clawfoot Tub  - clawfoot tubs are pretty expensive.  They're so pretty, though! This website has packages with tubs, faucets, and all the accoutrements for under a grand.  In the grand scheme of fancy baths, that's not so bad.  Paint it a bright, cheery, yellow and it's perfect.

Herringbone in Lake (fabric) by Joel Dewberry - this fabric is a great graphic, modern take on a herringbone.  Whip up some curtains on your magical curtain-whipping-up machine.

Vintage lockers function as a table and storage.  Oh!  What if you could retrofit this with a sink?  Me-likey.

I'm taking Emily Henderson's advice and liking Fiddle Leaf Fig trees.  If I hadn't killed all my succulents and cacti this summer (did you know you can actually kill a succulent?), I'd be all over these in my apartment.  I don't have much of a green thumb, as desperately as I want one.

White Hexagon Tile from Clay Squared - I normally like this with gray/black grout, but in this room I'd have white walls, white tile, and white grout.  Blank canvas for the bright yellow tub and artwork.

Wes Anderson Movie Prints from Monster Gallery - this entire Etsy shop is perfection.  I'd buy any/all of these.

I wanna go take a 4 hour bath now.


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