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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

As I've said before, I love Oh Happy Day's party decoration ideas and tutorials... She posted these two pictures and I've been obsessed with the ideas ever since.  They have such potential to be done on the cheap (for their impact) and to fit in any location.  Some parties I see are so gorgeous, but only really look good in a certain space.  You don't always get a chic white loft to celebrate your birthday in...
Wouldn't that look good in any space?  I mean, the cool warehouse space is awesome, but I can see this in a normal living room or in a park.  I like the white table cloth and wooden chairs as a backdrop for all the amazing colors.  So easy to do.
I found these balloons for less than 5 cents apiece...  You can pretty much go bananas.  I'm pretty sure you can get them anywhere, but they're pretty cheap on the internet.  I'd get one of those packs of curly ribbon and just mix them all up.  Helium isn't super inexpensive, but it looks like you could get enough for a decent amount of balloons for about $50.  You just tie them to the chair backs and then sprinkle the leftovers around the floor.

I'm also absolutely in love with this rainbow cake.  According to Martha Stewart, (and I always listen to Martha) it's not that hard to make a multi-colored layer cake, it just takes a little time.  This of course, is a little more ambitious than the 6 layer one Martha shows, but I think it could be done.
Can you imagine this as the centerpiece of long table... with a white tablecloth, white and modern place settings, pretty cut-glass glassware, a few candles, some low and round flower arrangements in different color palettes, with the wooden chairs festooned with the a hundred different colored balloons? (Yeah, I totally just used the word "festooned")
Crate and Barrel tableclothwood handled flatware (would look so good with wood chairs), and plates.  Vintage glasses from Etsy and a $130 candle.  I don't know why I think it's so funny that a candle would cost so much.  $130 for a candle?  Really? (as in with Seth and Amy)

first photo (who knows where this photo came from) via Oh Happy Day and cake from Darius Monsef 


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