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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

So, before Pinterest existed, I used iPhoto on my computer as a way to organize and collect photos of rooms, parties, furniture, etc., that I loved.  iPhoto lets you organize your photos in groups and besides the groups of photos that I had actually taken myself, I had a million different photos stolen off of the internet - grouped in an overwhelmingly detailed fashion.

I thought I'd show you one from each - demonstrating my OCD that comes and goes (Seriously, I'm so all or nothing.  I'm either ridiculously organized or a giant mess.  These photos are definitely on the OCD side.  So is my iTunes. That thing has 1500 songs, all organized and labeled in a specific and detailed way.  It's disgusting.  But it makes me so happy!)

"My dream wedding" - This group actually doesn't really have a lot of wedding things in it.  It's mostly little random detail shots from weddings I liked or invitations.  A pretty unhelpful iPhoto group.

Oh!  The cakes!

"Little home details" - Again, made up of detail shots, this group has two big themes: tree branches as poles for hanging clothes and terrariums.

 I love terrariums... But throw a plastic dinosaur in there?  I'm all over it.

I'm also really obsessed with clothes not being hid away in closets.
I think I like to pretend I'm 97% less messy than I actually am.

"Wall art/treatments" - This group is mostly murals for little kid's rooms, but it also includes the most amazing modern sewing room ever.  (Well, actually, just a shot of one wall in a room, but I imagine it's the "most amazing modern sewing room ever.")

Cross-stitching... on a wall?  Perfect.  I think I'd like it a little more if it was in a more modern room, for contrast.

I'm not crazy, right?  Even though you can't actually see this whole room, it's obviously amaze-balls.  The clean, white, rustic architecture?  That chair?  The thread and its glorious color?

"Furniture" - This group makes me wish I wasn't poor. Anybody want to fund my "actually buy all of this stuff I drool over" initiative?

Classic wingback covered in a vintage suzani?  I vote yes.

I want one of those flat file cabinets.  And that print.  And the owls.

"Tablescapes"- Yes, I know that sounds like the lady from "Semi-Homemade."  Whatever.  There are pretty tables in here.

I always love the outdoor ones.  Oh!  I want a dinner party-able rooftop someday!

"Flower arrangements" - I love me some flowers.  The best job I ever had was at a florist in high school.

Can this be my life?

"Event Details"  - I weirdly like this group better than my "Dream Wedding" group, even though most of the pictures are from weddings.  I would make such a killer party planner.

Why do boring place cards when you could have spray painted elephants?

"Living Rooms" - Though most of these were saved 2 or 3 years ago, I still find myself loving some of these rooms as much as I did when I first saw them.

My (someday) kids are totally getting a swing in the living room.

The living room of an old Domino editor.  You guys!!!!!!!  Dominio is coming back!

"Bedrooms" - Dude.  I have some seriously disappointing bedroom photos on my computer.  I don't really like any of them.  I will skip this.

"Dining Rooms" - I'm also a bit disappointed in my dining room collection.  Why is this going downhill so quickly?

This color palette is insane.

"Kitchens" - Ok, things are getting much better now.  If I had a kitchen like one of these, I swear I would be an amazing cook.

This is the office kitchen at Drew Barrymore's production company.  Love the floors, the wall color, the fridge and the bunny.

The cabinets!

This kitchen belongs to a lady who works at Anthropologie (of course) and I've got every picture I could find of her house saved.  

"Others" - This is mostly offices and patios.  

True story:  Once, my college friend Cesar and I were talking about this room (Why? I don't know; I think I sent it to him and said, "You have to live here.") and I promised him I could do it for him.  I then went online and found pictures of every element in this photo.  I guess... to prove that I could really do it?


"Bathrooms" - In (not-so) shocking news, almost every single picture in this group has a claw-foot tub in it.  Guys, I've been known to take 4 hour baths.  No lie.  When I say I love baths, I mean it.

Can you imagine?!?!


I wanted to also say that I've been working really hard lately to make sure I source all of my photos.  That's one reason I like Pinterest, is because you can almost always get to an original post of the photo (and therefore find who to give credit to.)  Unfortunately, I didn't save any sort of info with these pictures, and so I have no idea where I found them or who took them.  I need to always give credit where credit is due, so sorry I can't do that this time.


  1. Late night to study? Study Schmuddy!You really need to work on that all or nothing thing. You could go from no tats to one all across your shoulders.

  2. Love the pics and your exquisite taste Miss Corder. SOMEDAY we will have houses/lofts/shantys to call our own. Someday.... in the very distant future. Hopefully. AND WHEN WE DO, they will soooo look amaze-balls.



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