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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Tres leches cake. Oh yeah.

I drug the littlest seester around with me tonight to pick up some instruments I was buying for cheap off of Craigslist for my music/autism program.  I rewarded her with Hao Hao's (my favorite hole in the wall Chinese place for the last ten years) and though it wasn't as good as I remember, it was still awesome to have the owner, Lin, recognize me. (I haven't been there in years.)  We had dessert at Whole Foods on the way home with a slice of tres leches cake and a pink sea salt caramel.  (Seriously?  Chocolate, good caramel, and sea salt?  I vote yes.)

It was gone pretty quickly, as you can see.  I've been spending a lot more time with the youngest Corder girl since she moved in with my dad and it's pretty awesome.  She's like a hotter, more stylish version of the sixteen-year-old me.  My mama calls us bookends 'cause we're so similar.  Lucky her.


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