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Thursday, February 9, 2012

I look so scholarly, right?

The photo above is simply me jacking Bri's glasses and pretending they make me smarter.  However, I have a super janky left eye (it's some weird eye disease called keratitis) but I'm really bad about taking care of it, and I'm always convinced I'm gonna need glasses someday.  This means that I spend giant amounts of time looking at glasses shops online (because I secretly really want them) and/or photos of people wearing glasses.

 I want her abs as well as her glasses.

I found a website, Lookmatic, that has adorable glasses as well as a application that lets you upload a picture of yourself and then it puts different pairs of their glasses on you.  I'm pleased to announce that I look adorable in all of them.  I think the Jesse in tortoiseshell is my favorite.


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