Who wants boring folders?

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Not me, obviously.  I bypassed all of the cheesy "GO UT! HOOK 'EM!" ones for brown recycled folders that remind me of my beloved kraft paper/make-every-present-look-so-chic wrapping paper.  A sharpie doodle later and they're perfect.

I'm at Epoch (my favorite coffee shop ever) doing a little catch up on school work.  You see, because I'm a super cheap-o, I refused to pay hundreds of millions of dollars for my textbooks at the Co-op (UT's official bookstore) this year and searched for them online.  I probably saved about $250 doing it this way, but they were at least a week and a half later than they said they would be.  This is why, exactly 2 weeks into the school year, I'm a week and a half behind on homework.  I got caught up (ish) in one of my classes today, so I'd really like to get on schedule in the others.

Unfortunately, the internet has a lot of things with which to distract me.  I'm fighting valiantly against it, but the past has shown I've not much a chance of winning.  I did get a chance to hang with the littlest seester for about an hour after class tonight, so the night's not a total waste.  (Blog shout out, Larisa!  Oh, everyone should follow her on instagram (laweesa) - she's really popular, for good reason.  Excellent taste does run in the family.)


In writing that first paragraph about my folders, I've realized that I really have searched high and low for substitutes for "typical" college school supplies.  I spent last semester practically ruining my beloved teal suede fringe purse with my massive/heavy textbooks.  (By the way, "teal suede fringe" is pretty much the best combination of words ever - to describe a purse, that is.) So, I spent a lot of time combing the internet for a perfectly sized bag with enough durability to hold my stuff and enough style to suffice as a purse during the day.

I found this one at Urban Outfitters and though it's not exactly the color the photo shows, I still love how it holds everything I need.

I also refused to use the horribly designed (yet completely ubiquitous on campus) planners the Co-op sells, so I searched high and low last semester for one.  I discovered this undated one from Little Otsu last year and I la-huv it.

This thing takes a little commitment and concentration at first, because as an undated planner, you have to go in and write all of the months and days in yourself.  It was totally worth it for me, because besides being able to use my own handwriting (which I pretty much love) I get to use a 100% hand-drawn planner that starts whenever I need it to.  (Starting a planner in August is much more useful to me than one that begins in January.)  I've got plans to keep buying the newest volume for next year (and from what I can see from the past volumes, it'll be just as perfect.)

Anyways, I didn't mean for this little note to turn out as long as the original post, I just feel the need to laugh at myself sometimes.  It wouldn't be that bad to use mass-produced and aesthetically-unpleasant school supplies... It just makes me so happy to find/make cuter versions for myself.  I had enough of the ugly stuff that first college go around.  


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