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Thursday, February 9, 2012

So, despite the fact I spent all week studying for the government test I had yesterday and working on the Music program for children with autism that I'm starting with a professor of mine (more on that, sometime, I promise), I'm up early to study again this morning.

I'm moving into management at work and I have to train behind the bar (which includes taking the giant test the bartenders do).  I've been studying drink recipies all morning and I'm super nervous about the test in a few hours.  (If I'm so nervous, I probably shouldn't be blogging, but whatever, I need a break!)  Once the test is over, I actually get to step behind the bar and train with one of my favorite people at work.  So, once I get through the test, the day will be fine.

There is a logical and consistent order to most of the drinks, though that I appreciate.  I was able to write them out into groups and they all really fit into patterns, which I appreciate when I'm trying to memorize something.


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