Hoxton Street Monster Supplies

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

So, there's a non-profit called 826 Literacy Project that offers tutoring, student publishing, and workshops that get children excited about writing and connects them with accomplished writers.  The idea of this program is that these writing and tutoring centers are behind "fantastical shop fronts designed to fire the kids' imaginations" (and generate income for the nonprofit.)  (We Made This) 

The Ministry of Stories is an extension of this project from the guys at We Made This in east London and I'm obsessed.  Their storefront is Hoxton Street Monster Supplies and it is so charming.  I'll just let the pictures speak for themselves.

So charming.  I love.

"Each (can of Tinned Fears) comes with a specially commissioned short story from authors including Nick Hornby and Zadie Smith"

I'm guessing the Organ Marmalade isn't vegetarian?

The 8 year old boy in me is delighted.

Evidently their best seller.

No Magic Beans accepted as payment, guys.

Behind the monster supply store is the writing center.

Your respect, your courage, your imagination will bring you victory.

I just love this thing.  It's so charming (have I used that word enough this post?) and such a precious idea.    There is evidently an other part of this 826 project in Brooklyn that has a Superhero Supply Co. as the money-maker for it's literacy work.  It was founded by author Dave Eggers (whose 2008 TED talk about the project is on my list of things to do when I'm caught up with schoolwork.)

How great is this?  You can do good for the world and be well designed at the same time.

All photos and quotes from We Made This Ltd.


  1. dang! the whole time i was reading this i thought this was a new place in austin!!! then i went and re-read the details and was greatly disappointed.. i wanted those pickled eye balls somethin fierce! ;)

  2. ps. the code word i had to retype to publish the above comment was "employ sessnia." just thought i would share.



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