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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

When I was at UT the first time, I had all of my classes in the education building on the edge of campus (makes sense, I was a special ed major...)  But now that I'm back and taking all the random little classes I have left before graduation, I'm spending time on campus in places I've never really been before.  The photo above is outside one of my classes where I sat down and ate lunch on a bench and just past those trees is the UT tower.  So, pretty much in the middle of campus, behind me a straight view to the Capitol, but a place I've never had class before/spent any time in.

I sat there on Monday, eating my seitan BBQ wrap (awesome new vegan food cart right on my path during lunch time... score!) and waiting until it was time to volunteer for a linguistics experiment.  (Volunteer is such a nice word.  Forced to sit and listen to non-sensical sentences for an hour for class credit is more like it.)  There were flowers all around, six gorgeous old buildings surrounding me (they call it the six-pack) and these giant, amazing trees forming a canopy over my head.  It was a perfect moment.

I would spend the rest of the day stressing out about how to get everything done before Friday for my autism/music program and then spending an hour or two discussing/arguing about everything from roles for women in Hollywood to the government's role in our solar panels (and daily lives.)  But those twenty minutes were calm and peaceful, surrounded by beauty and great architecture, and just for me.


  1. We have to come up with a word that combines discussing and arguing "disguing" nah how about "argussing". Really what would be simpler is if you would just ask me what you should think. But it is in your DNA to be contrary. "Thou hast almost persuaded me" NOT really did enjoy our evening too bad that what your "gument" professor said is probably true but you gotta try.

  2. Yeah Dad, I'm working on getting your .00000000025 of a penny back that you paid for the solar panels on that rich dude's beach house. 'Kay?

    Love you and love our late night talks.

  3. So much for being anonymous! Those who know me understand that late night is what 10:30. Padre

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