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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

I changed my settings so that you don't have to have a Google account to comment.  So, feel free to say "Hi!" or "Dear heavens, you have exquisite taste!" or "Wow, this is the wittiest blog post I've ever read about pancakes" or "I've never been so interested in bathroom graffiti."*  I mean, whatever you want to say.  Those were just suggestions.

* I wish I could say that last part is a joke, but I seem to write about bathroom graffiti a lot.  Only the best and wittiest, of course.  If I ever go through and make tags for each post, there will definitely have to be a "bathroom graffiti" tag.  Those are sad words to admit.

** FYI part dos (the unnecessary information edition)  The post above is the first time I've ever hit the spell check button and not had a single word misspelled.

*** FYI part tres (the embarrassing information edition) The "FYI part dos" above did have a misspelled word in it.

EDIT: Since you don't have to sign in now to write a comment... Tell me who you are!


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