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Friday, February 10, 2012

So, I randomly found these photos on my computer and I thought I'd share them with you.  Lucky, lucky you.  One of my bestest, Bri, had been living in Virginia Beach with her husband while he was in law school.  I got to spend a few months up there (one of those pack-up-my-car, rent-a-room-from-a-stranger, spend-some-time-in-another-part-of-the-country-with-a-yaya random things you do) but I was waiting for the day when they'd move back to Texas.  I flew up to Virginia last summer for Matt (and his brother James's) graduation, help pack up their moving van, and then drive with Bri to their new house in Dallas.  It was a great week, spending time with Matt's family (I've known them forever and they're some of my favorite people) getting to know James' fiance and her family, hanging out with Bri's brother who flew up graduation, and then wonderful time alone in the car with Bri (and Gus, one of the dogs) for the ride home.

Very random pictures were taken the whole week, but one of my all-time favorites (it was the background on my computer for a while) was taken at the graduation ceremony with Bri's brother, Seth and Katrina (of 30th birthday party fame).

We're really good at being in pictures.  (Also, Bri, we're sorry we excluded you from this photo session.)

So, after proving my amazing skills at moving (and marveling at Matt's dad's skills at loading up a moving van - seriously, he filled that van like he was playing Tetris!) the chance to sit down in the car was a welcome relief.  Of course, then after hours and hours, we got a little silly.  This is where you get lucky, because I recorded some of that long-car-ride delirium for posterity.

Serious driving delirium.
And dude?  My voice is annoying.  I guess I have to cross "Be the voice over lady on the evening news" off my life goals list.

At one point, we stopped at Burger King for lunch.  Classy, I know.  There was a stack of these crowns and I'm pretty sure Bri and I coveted them the first moment we saw them.  We proceeded to wear them for the rest of the afternoon.

Oh!  Sorry, I didn't see you there, I was just pumping gas in my crown.

Yes, I am aware that I look really glamorous at this moment in time.

For this trip, I had brought along my favorite blue scarf/pashmina thing (ok, it's really my sister's) and I was using it as a blanket in the car.  Then, I started using it as a... Well, it's better just to show you the infomercial I made about it.

You totally want to buy that now, don't you?  We'll be millionaires as soon as it hits the market.  After realizing how cute Gus looked in the scarf, I did a little photo shoot with him.  He didn't love it very much.

After all of the house/dog sitting I did for Bri and Matt while I lived in Virginia, this dog and I are very close.  His big brother? (When I say big, I mean giant)  We have a more tenuous relationship.

Now, I'm not going to get into this whole story, but let's just say, getting the photo above (which, for a Texan who hasn't lived in Texas for a few years, is very sentimental) cost us a few hours, money, and a whole lot of frustration.  Why?  Well, I'll just give you a little picture.

I bet you didn't know you could break a car jack.  You can.  Trust me.

I think I'm just going to leave you with this.  Bri decided to tell me how she felt about my constant filming.  You're welcome for putting this on the internet, babycakes.


  1. A) seriously just laughed my head off.
    B) I'm going to murder you.
    C) we are awesome, obviously.
    D) (thru Z) I freaking love youusmethetwoofustogetherslashmostlyyouandhowmuchyoumakemelaugh. hysterical.



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