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Monday, February 13, 2012

As I said earlier, I'm training behind the bar at work (I killed my test, by the way!) and I had my second train on Sunday.  It was super fun and I definitely got into the groove (much better than I did on my first train, anyways!)  Amanda trained me again and she was much nicer this time - probably because I tried to ask less questions so she'd stop calling me Alex Trebek.  Cristi was the other bartender and she was much nicer to me than Amanda.  Amanda asked that I blog about our experiences together and I warned her she might not like what I wrote.  (I'll try to be kind - something you've never done with me.)

It was a fun day, interacting with guests and making mimosas and bloody marys all morning.  I even got to invent a drink (well, Cristi really invented it, but I made it pretty!) for some awesome regulars.  They even told me that I made the best drinks, so of course, I loved them. (Flattery will get you everywhere with me.)


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